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Croatian Wedding Traditions

If you want to get married in Croatia, you should be familiar with some from the traditions which might be associated with the country. It’s a memorable experience. In Croatia, the wedding ceremony ceremony is somewhat more formal as compared to other civilizations. The bride and groom usually are dressed in all their fancy attires, as the guests wear hats and masks.

The most important purpose during a Croatian wedding is a banner holder, also known as the barjaktar. Your husband carries the Croatian flag and prospects the retraite.

At the end on the wedding, the couple is congratulated and showered with flowers. A rosemary department is also provided to the guests to be a corsage. Rosemary is considered an indicator of good fortune in Croatia.

After the wedding ceremony, a reception is in a local restaurant. The food usually is a banquet-style meal. You can find plenty of rakija (a sort of Croatian vitamin water) and traditional music. An emcee quite often directs those activities at the reception.

Croatian women of all ages are very happy with their traditions and region. croatian women dating They croatian women consider the culture and language necessary to their personal information. Before they get committed, that they ask their own families to agree to the union. To convince the family members, they introduce the other guy to their extended family.

A lot of weddings in Croatia require a artificial bride. This can be a wedding custom that has become popular. One of the close relatives, usually a male, asks for for a bride.

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