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APUS Browser Virus Scan Review

Apus browser antivirus scanner is among the most beneficial Android applications available. It incorporates the latest internet technology into a compact package. It comes with a built-in down load manager, a first class net search and a powerful control panel to alter your home screen to give you greater understanding of your personal. Its two-mode scanner swiftly removes useless programs, recouping essential space and increasing the speed of your machine for higher overall system proficiency. Moreover, it’s filled with essential privacy-friendly features that protect your information from being stolen as well as a full collection of cost-free anti-virus and gunk washing goods.

The APUS Browser provides search, web page loading, and data files speed that is unmatched by Android. It only requires 1 MB of memory. It doesn’t have many special features however, it does offer the standard functions you may require, like showing pages correctly in tabs, managing tabs, and embedding videos.

You might be familiar with the Chinese manufacturer behind APUS Browser because of their better-known iOS-like launcher and Message Center tools, but they’ve been releasing Android computer software since the year 2011. Their APUS Security app is a comprehensive antivirus, junk-removing tool and speedup tool that’s gained positive reviews from both users and experts.

APUS Security is a two-mode scanner that can identify and remove malicious files from your device immediately. It also provides a live security feature that checks new applications and flags those that are known to be infected with malware.